Text Box: Attention all would-be independent HR Consultants... 
Do you want to have control over your career? 
Do you want to choose who you work with and what hours you work?

I have achieved all this and more since I started my own business five years ago. I am a successful HR Consultant and I want to show you how you can do it too!





Text Box: Dear fellow HR professional, 

Are you thinking of starting your own HR Consultancy? Are you looking for information on what you need to do to start up as an independent and then find customers who want to spend their money on your skills, knowledge and expertise? Most HR professionals I have met are understandably nervous about starting out and worry about earning enough to support themselves. 
The good news is that someone understands your dilemma and has written a guide specifically for 
HR Consultants. 
Working for other people definitely has its advantages, regular hours, regular payslips, regular hassles! My name is Imogen Edmunds and I was happy in my employed life and enjoyed the complexity of my role and the way in which my career had developed. Then I decided I wanted a family and the thought of combining a full time job and motherhood scared me.  I decided that I needed to be able be flexible with my hours without reducing my income and that my need to do this would be until my child left school. The answer came to me whilst I was on maternity leave. Set up on your own. So I did. Nine years on and I have a six figure HR Consultancy business. For me it’s been an incredible experience and I have no intentions of returning to a ‘normal job’ in the future. 
When I started out there was very little out there regarding how to start a HR consultancy, what to do with your knowledge and how to market that knowledge to paying clients.  I had to learn the hard way and I made mistakes. Since starting people have asked me how I did it and what advice I can give them, and being that kind of person I want to now share that with all of you!

It’s my mission to de-mystify starting your own HR Consultancy so you are confident as soon as you start.
 No jargon, just plain English. 

Start Your Own HR Consultancy will show you a Step by Step approach to plan, create and do business as a HR Consultant.....

I have created a 100 page guide that:									

Up and till now new HR Consultants have had to depend upon their own instincts and information gleamed from various sources such as Business Link etc as to how to start their up their own. For some success has come easy, for others it has become very difficult and they have had to make the decision that independent is not for them.  
Remember some of the people that will be telling you what you need to do to be successful as a independent, haven’t ever been out of paid employment. They don’t know what it will feel like when the phone isn’t ringing, they can’t tell you how to handle a really difficult customer that makes you wish you had never heard the words ‘human resources’.  I can do that because of my experience. 

This guide is written by me, a qualified HR professional, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development who makes her living as a HR Consultant. 

Take a look at what’s included in the guide and how it will help you to start out as a HR Consultant:

Beginning With the End in Mind
Deciding what you want from being an independent HR consultant
Getting started as a HR Consultant 
The Boring Bit
How to clarify the purpose of your business so that you get clients and not confuse them
What to offer and what to ask for in return 
Using your finances to start your business
Gathering your intelligence
How to identify what you are good at and what others can do to help you 
Planning a rewarding strategy 
Identify a niche that you can fill
Before you do any work
Finding Clients and getting them to find you
Names, Addresses, Emails and Websites 
Getting your offer out there and converting enquiries into paying jobs
Marketing your offer
The Huge importance of Testimonials
Do I need a brochure?
Do I need a website?
How to network and still have time to do the work networking generates
Maintaining a network
One to many networking and why it works
Managing client relationships
How to become a HR business partner in other people’s businesses
The Retained HR Support Service
Getting repeat business and long term mutually beneficial relationships
Getting Paid
How to manage your finances so you know what you’ve invoiced and what you’ve earned
‘Credit Control for newbies’, asking for the money you’re owed without feeling guilty
Coping with the Tough Times
Do you know who has bought what and why
What to do when nothing is working
Handling customer rejection 
The Demanding Client
Keeping a log of the advice you give
Closing thoughts 

You want more reassurance? Here’s what others have had to say about the Guide:

“ I have just finished reading The Guide to Starting Your Own HR Consultancy and wanted to say thank you. Having been an HR Consultant for some months I was cynical as to how it would help me. I could not have been more wrong.  The advice given was easy to understand and made good business sense. I have use the tools enclosed within the manual, it has definitely given me food for thought as well as ideas for moving my consultancy forward especially  regarding marketing and I look forward to hearing more about your coaching programmes and tele-seminars.”
Hilary Rose, HR Personnel

“Thank you for putting this stuff together, its an A, B, C of business.
I have read some materials on starting a business and I can recommend this one is the TOOL.
Well Done!!”
Ajibola Fadeyi

The Start You Own HR Consultancy guide by Imogen Edmunds is an extremely practical and useful business tool.  It is a no nonsense guide, which tells you what you need to know get your consultancy business started in a way which doesn’t cause information overload.  Well worth reading!  
Jane Kirby, MARVIS Solutions.

You can have all this for special offer price of £49 including VAT and Postage and Packing. 

Perhaps you're thinking that some of these claims are too good to be true, that I've exaggerated, or even though this step by step process has worked for others, somehow it won't work for you. Well, what if I am willing to take a gamble on that? What if I am willing to let you get your hands on this material and review it all, completely at MY risk?

100% Utterly Risk Free Money Back Guarantee
Well if you are not entirely satisfied after trying my guide, I’ll give you a no hassle refund. You can try it at my risk, because I know you will be happy with your purchase. That’s another thing about being a successful HR consultant you need to be able to put your reputation on the line and give confidence to your clients. I am confident I have produced a guide that will help you to Start your HR Consultancy in the right way and I want you to experience how great it can be to work in this way. If you don't agree that this it the most impactful, supportive and practical information you've ever received on the subject of Starting Your Own HR Consultancy, send it back and I’ll give you a full refund on the spot. No hard feelings, no questions asked. 
Best Wishes,

Imogen Edmunds

Start Your Own HR Consultancy

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